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Meet some of my lovely clients... real people with real lives! Don't worry I don't photograph and quiz everyone!

Meet Jas...

Now Jaz, what do you do for a day job?

“I’m a cosmetic CEO, I have my own cosmetic company”.


Fantastic! Whats the first drink you have in the morning?

“Water! Not alcohol!”


Very healthy! Whats your favourite TV guilty pleasure?

“Game of Thrones!’ I’ve only just got into it and now I am obsessed!”


If you were to date a celebrity who would it be, and why?

“David Beckham and I think my husband would do as well, if I was honest with you haha.”

Brilliant! What is the best book you have ever read?”

"I love the Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood; and really like thrillers, but also I enjoy anything by Russell Brand."


And finally what do you think is the best impact Helen has had on you?

“Well just look at me! Haha! Getting to wear what I want to wear!” 

Meet Chris...

So Chris, tell me what your day job is?

“I have my own business selling shipping containers.”


What is your first drink of the day?

“My first drink is a good cup of tea.”


…and how do you like it?

“ Strong, no milk, no sugar…”


What’s your favourite TV guilty pleasure?

“Now this is a programme called ‘Hard Core Pawn!’ It’s about a pawn shop in Detroit who buy and sell a variety of stuff.”


Which celebrity would you date and why?

“Ooooo theres one! That would be Cameron Diaz. She's beautiful and ever since the film, ‘Theres Something about Mary’ I have had a big crush on her”. 


What is your favourite book you have read?

“Oh Crikey! Best book I have ever read…urm, well I’m a big fan of Iain Banks, and to nail it down it would probably be The Algebraist by Iain Banks”.


What has been the biggest impact Helen has had on you?

“I think it would be that it was really useful to help me pick out some decent styles that work on me, especially for work. It has also helped very much with my confidence, I also feel happier in what I am wearing and I don’t have to spend a lot of time figuring out what will work on me, which for a guy is great!”

Meet Chrissy...

What do you do in the day?

"I am retired so either gardening, travelling, playing golf or yoga... I am very lucky!"

What is your first drink of the day?

"Several cups of tea... has to be Yorkshire tea!"

Whats your favourite TV guilty pleasure?

“X Factor (awful as it is)! 

So Chrissy tell me, who is your celebrity crush?

"Haha, I don't know any...urm maybe Steve McQueen! He was very natural looking and rugged, I think he made the best James Bond."

What is your favourite book you have read?

"The Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. It's about Thomas Cromwell who helped Henry VIII to divorce Katherine of Aragon so he could marry Ann Boleyn - gripping!" 

What is the best Style advice you got from Helen?

"To keep things simple and to get rid of your clutter!" 

Meet Alice...

So Alice, tell me what your day job is?

“I’m currently not working as I’m a student at Warwick University, studying Classics. But I’ve worked in the past as a waitress, secretary, photographer’s assistant, and in graphic design.”


What is your first drink of the day?

“Tea! Always tea, any kind of tea, all day, every day. I’m a bit tea-mad!”


What’s your favourite TV guilty pleasure?

“If I’m feeling like some good old trashy TV, Geordie Shore has always been my weakness - I know, I know! Recently I’ve been loving The Crown, though, it’s just beautifully done.”


Which celebrity would you date and why?

“Oooh, definitely Chris Hemsworth! Blonde, tall, lovely accent, very fit... definitely my type! And he’s got a great sense of humour, very important”. 


What is your favourite book you have read?

“That’s difficult, I’ve read a lot of books I’ve really enjoyed. I loved Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami, which I read recently, it’s a beautiful novel set in Japan about a romance between a childhood friends that is fraught with struggles. Very beautifully written!”


What has been the biggest impact Helen has had on you?

“She’s given me so much advice on how to compile my wardrobe and how to dress myself - I never used to wear skirts at all, but she showed me some that I really love and I’ve definitely come around to the idea. I no longer pass by all the skirts and dresses on the rack! And the importance of basics as well, especially on those days when deciding what to wear is a task - just throwing on a staple jumper is so easy. She’s really opened my eyes to some styles I never thought about before.”

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Companies & Charities I have presented for: Deloitte UK, IBM UK, LK Bennett, Jigsaw, House of Fraser, Age UK, Myton Hospices 


Radio Contributions include: BBC Coventry & Warwickshire Radio and BBC Leicestershire

I really enjoyed my Wardrobe Consultation - it was fun as well as very useful. It makes you look at your wardrobe with a fresh pair of eyes. The real benefits come when you go shopping as you shop in a very different way. I wish I had this consultation years ago - I would have saved myself a lot of money and a lot of heart ache. Highly recommended!                          

(Wardrobe Consultation ) Mary - Rugby


I had a wardrobe consultation which was very much needed and was much more uplifting than I could ever have imagined! It has changed the way I think about what I put on and why. I now wear things I never would have had the confidence to go out in and probably MORE importantly have "cleansed" hundreds of clothes I should never have put on in the first instance! Thank you Helen for all your advice and honesty! Great service and a job very well done! Looking forward to the personal shop now!

(Wardrobe Consultation) Steve - Coventry


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"When the fun goes out of getting dressed, you might as well be dead" - Iris Apfel