Help you 'Save' Money, Time and achieve the Image you desire...

Do you open your wardrobe and feel overwhelmed and anxious? When you reach for an item do others slip off their hangers into a heap?


Do you dream of order and a place for everything? Do you discover items months or years later that you thought you had lost?

The order in your wardrobe and drawers is a major contributing factor to how you start your day. If you feel rushed in the morning, perhaps it’s because you stand wasting precious minutes surveying your clothes, deciding what to wear. What does your daily routine reveal?


Trousers and skirts that don’t fit? Dresses that you should never have bought (price tags still attached)? Fashion items that you haven’t worn in years? Sweaters and all sorts mixed together in corners and on top of shelves? Hordes of empty hangers (including wire ones) that seem to breed overnight?

Don't despair, I can help, you simply sit back while I bring organisation into your life...

Your 'newly organised' wardrobe will save you time and money as you know exactly what you have, where to find items and where to put them back! This will immediately give you more time for 'dressing' and 'grooming' and increasing your confidence in styling yourself too.

The average women has £285 worth of unworn clothes hanging in her wardrobe which could make up to 22 'new' outfits - yet they never wear them! My goal is to 'review' and 'renew' your wardrobe and show you how to exploit every item fully and avoid making future expensive mistakes.

Wasted time spent picking out clothes is staggering as highlighted by a survey carried out by the clothing company Matalan - the average woman spends nearly a year of her life, 287 days to be exact, deciding what to wear, just so she can look in the mirror, turn to her partner, and ask, “Does this make me look fat?”

A Wardrobe Consultation removes wasted time and money as we work with your existing items, create new oufits, identify missing gaps and help you project your Image with confidence. In addition you will learn...

  • Importance of correctly fitting underwear

  • How to accentuate your positives and dress correctly for your body shape, lifestyle and budget

  • How to organise your wardrobe so all your clothes look and feel new

  • A shopping list of key items missing to update your wardrobe

  • A Style report including tips, maintenance advice, new outfit ideas - photos to refer back to


A Wardrobe Consultation with me is the start of 'Your Journey' to achieve your personal goals with how you look. You will re-discover you can look and feel stylish everyday and will dress with renewed confidence into the future... so don't waste anymore time!